NVAO Board Update – 17 Apr 22

National Veterans Awareness Organization Members,

Safety Protocols:

The latest status of the safety protocols provided by the NVAR State Coordinators indicates that the places where we will dine are all open with no restrictions. The outdoor memorial services will proceed as planned with no restrictions. The schools that we visit will likely require masks and one may require proof of vaccination. The VA Hospitals and Home have varied safety protocols in place. At the current time, a couple of the VA facilities are still quite locked down. The rest of the VA Homes and Hospitals are currently planning to allow some degree of access to the Veterans in residence or as patients. Some will allow the ambulatory Veterans outside, some will allow small numbers of us to go inside to a common area to talk with the residents. Most will require masks and care with distancing.

The fact is that we just don’t know for sure what the situation will be a month from now. As we get closer to the start of the NVAR, the State Coordinators will check in again with their contacts and we will plan the ride accordingly. The NVAR will happen, we just don’t know how we may have to adjust the ride.

Please bring your masks. You don’t have to be vaccinated to ride in the NVAR but there may be places that you cannot enter without proof of vaccination.

The NVAO Website:

We have made a few revisions to the ride schedule. It is published on the NVAO website (nvao.us). Thanks, Roger Granbois (our webmaster) for helping us stay current in our communications. By the way, the website is looking great. All the information about the 2022 NVAR is easily accessible plus the site has other cool features. You can check out past NVAO Updates, past SitReps, photos, what our organization stands for, how we encourage participants in the NVAR to interact with the Vets in the hospitals and homes….and much more.

Speaking of SitReps, Roger Granbois and Mike Rinowski (the NVAR SitRep Manager) have been working to make the 2022 NVAR SitReps easier to load, easier to access and continuing to be wonderful for friends and relatives to track our daily progress across the country. Thanks to Roger and Mike.

Cards For the vets:

Although we are going to be able to be with a lot of Veterans on the NVAR, there will be many Vets who we will not be able to visit. Therefore, we are bringing back the opportunity for all of us to provide “Thank You” cards with notes or artwork from us to the vets in the hospitals and homes. These were a huge hit in 2020  with the Vets and with the staff at the VA facilities across the country. They absolutely loved receiving the cards and messages of happiness and good feelings. Attached to this email is an NVAR card that can be printed and used for a note or a piece of artwork from you, your children/grandchildren or friends. Simply print the sheet, cut on the solid line, fold the card in half on the dotted line and you’ve got yourself a card that can be opened up and has space for writing and/or artwork. In your notes, thank the Vets for their service, maybe share a bit about yourself and keep it uplifting…flowers, warm weather, sports, etc. Wish them the best. It can be short and sweet. Write your note to “Dear Veteran”. No individual names of Veterans. The staff at the hospitals and homes will give the cards to those Vets who need a little cheering up. We are asking you to do 13 cards, one for each VA facility that we visit. If you are participating in the NVAR, each day you will give one to the State Coordinator when we arrive at the facility and she/he will give them all to a member of the facility staff to give to the Vets. If you are not riding with us this year, please do some cards and send them to Jerry Conner, 1032 Dinsmore Road, Winnetka, IL 60093. Please have them arrive before May 6 and I’ll take them on the NVAR and give them to the State Coordinators. Thank you. This will mean a lot to the Vets in the hospitals and homes. Attached are some examples of cards done by adults and children. Just a short note will be really appreciated.


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Click Here” to download the Veteran Card Template…

first aid class:

Thanks to Greg Bingaman and his partner, Stacie, for providing a first aid class in early April to a group of NVAR participants. Among others, Sandy and Ed Kintzele (drivers of the Chase Truck), Dan Kress (Tail Gunner) and Gary Croft (NVAR Road Guard) took the class and will be ready to help if a person needs first aid on the NVAR.

Picking up your bike:

Steve Moore, who has dropped more than his share of bikes, sent the following video that shows an easy way for a person to pick up their motorcycle.

Robert Simmons video on How to Pick-Up a Dropped Motorcycle…

If anyone knows Jana Jepperson, please have her contact us and give us her new email address.

That’s it for now, be careful out there, Never Forget.

Board of Directors – National Veterans Awareness Organization

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