NVAO Board Update – 7 Jul 22

NVAO Members,

Gary Croft (Illinois NVAR State Coordinator) and his wife, Nancy, have put together an NVAR Reunion over the Labor Day Weekend (Sept. 2-4). This is the first time that we are having two reunions: the Crofts are organizing an NVAR Reunion in the middle of the country and Don Jenkins is organizing a West Coast NVAR Reunion

Attached is the full agenda for the Midwest Reunion that the Crofts have arranged.

Please note that when you call the motel, you must tell them that you want one of the rooms from the NVAO block of rooms. The last day that the block of rooms will be held for the NVAR Reunion is August 2nd.

Although some people will ride/drive to the reunion on Friday, several of our members asked that we hold the reunion over the Labor Day Weekend so they don’t have to take Friday off work to attend the reunion. Those riders will come to the reunion on Saturday and meet up with us at lunch or at the Saturday afternoon activity or at the Saturday night dinner. Please note that Gary is still negotiating with two restaurants for Saturday lunch. When he gets things settled, we’ll send out a new agenda with the specific restaurant noted.

After you have made your reservations at the motel, please email Gary and tell him how many people are in your party. He needs this information to make various reservations. Gary’s email address is outdrsman9@yahoo.com.

That’s it for now, be careful out there, Never Forget.

Board of Directors – National Veterans Awareness Organization

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