2023 National Veterans Awareness Ride (NVAR)

2023 NVAR epilogue

My wrap-up of these true tales began with the Prelude.

The 2023 NVAR was long overdue. Our receptions by veterans across America was near overwhelming. With the relax of Covid restrictions, they expected us. We looked them in the eyes and shared the human touch. And they touched each of us, too!

From across the country, riders converged on a small California town for a mission that culminated at Arlington National Cemetery in Washington D.C. We were blessed with the opportunity to represent thousands of people who support our mission. To each of them, we are thankful and proud. There’s a special excitement in our camaraderie, mode of transport, and expression of gratitude. The sense of purpose and appreciation it brings to our veterans are near incalculable. That’s why it’s hard not to return to the ride each year!

But Memorial Day is a specific day to honor those no longer with us; those who gave all in battle, and those who lived to tell of the battle–and since passed on.  For them, another day of life would be a grand day. For their sacrifice, we must live with the attributes, appetite, senses, and I add, the excitement they cherished in life.  That, is the American Way.

I close with a veteran’s reply to a card of thanks. “You thanked me for my service. Thank you for being an American worth fighting for.”

God Bless America & God Bless our Military

Thank You & Never Forget

Mike (Track) Rinowski.

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