NVAO Update – 23 Sep 23

NVAO Members,

1.  As mentioned previously, the 2024 National Veterans Awareness Ride will be dedicated to Steve “Nugget” Wandt. Mike “Track” Rinowski sent us a beautiful story and a photo of “Nugget”. Attached is the photo and following is the story:

“Along the route of the NVAR, someone approached “Nugget” and said that they had inherited a beret and didn’t know what to do with it. They gave the beret to “Nugget”. He knew exactly what to do with it…he placed it at The Wall and said a few words about the person who wore the beret. He felt that it was a great honor to do that.
Rest in Peace, Brother.”

Thanks, Mike, for the story and the photo. “Nugget” was good guy and a friend to all. If any of you would like an “In Memory” patch in honor of “Nugget”, please contact Jerry Conner at this email address or call me at 847-446-3926. Bob “Rainman” Fletcher has volunteered to make the patches at no cost and the NVAO will pick up the shipping.

2.  Dan “Sweetness” Kress forwarded the following, thoughtful message:

Jerry:  Today I finally did something I have been procrastinating about for a couple years. Myself, Joe Rauch, and John Brand went to a local nursing home to visit the veterans who were residents there. This is not a VA facility but a regular home. We were able to visit with about five different vets and they all appreciated the visit very much. We handed out ride pins, cards and art work from the school kids, flag stars, and some beads that I make up. Our visit like all our visits on the N.V.A.R. went very well. I do have one regretful thing to mention. As we rode the elevator down with the Activities Director, she told us about a WW2 pearl harbor survivor who passed away a week ago. She said how he would have loved to have met us and would have had many stories to share with us. So I missed out on that because of my procrastination. I share this for all N.V.A.O. supporters that we don’t have to wait for the N.V.A.R. to visit VA facilities, there are vets in regular local nursing homes that would love a visit.

Thanks and everyone stay safe.
                           Dan “sweetness” Kress

3. Steve “Headdog” Moore forwarded the attached letter from Laurel Degelau, Volunteer Services Coordinator, at the Iowa Veterans Home.  On the 2023 NVAR, we donated some items to the Veterans Home and Laurel showed her appreciation for the thoughtfulness of the National Veterans Awareness Riders.

4. During the 2023 NVAR, at the Middle East Conflicts Wall Memorial in Marseilles, IL, an inspirational piece was read that helped a number of us stay positive as we remember our friends who are no longer with us. The piece was written by the Chaplain of the 12th Armored Division Association. Several of the participants of the National Veterans Awareness Ride asked for a copy of the piece. Attached is what was read.

5. And lastly, my good friend Wylie Wilson asked if we had a contact list for the members of the National Veterans Awareness Organization (granted, he asked me this question a year and a half ago!!!). Well, we finally got it done. The people on the list are all folks who responded positively when asked if they wanted to receive NVAO Updates and stay in touch with friends they’ve made on the NVAR. The contact list has been put onto a spreadsheet. If you would like to receive a copy of this spreadsheet, please email: nvao@comcast.net

Thanks to everyone who is staying in contact and forwarding interesting stories about things that are going on in their neck of the woods.

That’s it for now.

Be careful out there.

The NVAO Board of Directors

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