NVAO Update – 3 Oct 23

NVAO Members,

We hope you are enjoying the Fall weather. Leaves changing colors, weather cooling down, and good times to be riding.

1. We’d like to ask a favor of you. If you have taken photos at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery, please check your photos to see if you have a crispy, clear, high definition photo of one of the guards marching. We’re thinking about making a third challenge coin for the National Veterans Awareness Ride and feature the Tomb on the reverse side of the coin. One of the ideas we’ve got is to have an image of a guard marching in front of the tomb. We’ve got a good image of the Tomb but we don’t have a good photo of a guard. If we get a good photo of a guard, we can Photoshop that guard into the photo of the Tomb. If you have a good photo of a guard, please email it to us.

2.  In the last NVAO Update, we attached a spreadsheet with contact information for the members of the National Veterans Awareness Organization. A couple of you got back to us and said that you couldn’t open the attachment. No problem. We sent it back in a different format and those folks were ok and could open it. Please let us know if you had/have trouble opening the contact info and we’ll send you a PDF that you can open.

3. We are about to produce the “In Memory” patches honoring Steve “Nugget” Wandt. If you’d like a patch and haven’t already notified us of your desire for one, please let us know. There’s no charge for the patch (thanks to Bob “Rainman” Fletcher) and the NVAO which will pick up the mailing cost of sending the patch to you. So, just reply to this email and let us know if you want a patch.

4. As we’ve mentioned in a previous Update, Dan “Lugnut” Kuepker is retiring from his position as the NVAR Indiana State Coordinator. Attached is a photo of Lugnut receiving a “thank you” from Jerry “JD” Conner (President of the NVAO) and Steve “Headdog” Moore (Chairman of the NVAO). Thanks, Lugnut, for your help and leadership over the years. Mike “Airborne” Stupar has taken over as Indiana State Coordinator.

Be careful out there.

Never Forget

The NVAO Board of Directors

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